Accessories for RTDs, Temperature Sensors, Thermowells and Thermocouples - Manufactured by Pyromation


Pyromation offers the support products needed to install and maintain your temperature sensor assemblies. From jacks, terminals and plugs to pipe nipples, clamps, bushings and other fittings, we always have inventory available for shipment. Connection heads and transmitters are two of the larger accessories we carry in stock, but we also keep a variety of coiled cords, grips and flexible armor on hand.

RTD and Thermocouple Plugs & Jacks

We supply standard and miniature RTD and thermocouple plugs and jacks, as well as mounting hardware and panels for FS conduit box mounting. See the catalog pages below for details.

Thermocouple & RTD Terminal Blocks

The thermocouple & RTD terminal blocks shown in the catalog page link below fit all Pyromation series 31, 34, 49, 63, 91 and 800 series connection heads. The terminal blocks are provided with a steatite ceramic base, brass terminal pieces, and stainless steel screws. These thermocouple & RTD terminal blocks are not rated for high voltage use, but can be used in temperature sensor or low voltage Class 2 circuits. Series 341 and 342 terminal blocks accept up to an #8 gauge wire, and the series 343 accepts up to a #12 gauge wire.

Handheld Thermocouple Probes

Hand pyrometer thermocouple probes are suitable for use in many process and laboratory applications for spot checking temperatures of a variety of products and air flows. The probes are designed for use with Pyromation's and other manufacturers' handheld pyrometers. All probes are supplied with retractable, coiled cordset leads with an expandable length of 5 feet.