RTD & Thermocouple Connection Heads by Pyromation

Thermocouple & RTD Connection Heads (Electrical Enclosures)

Thermocouple and RTD connection heads provide a protected, clean area for mounting a terminal block or transmitter as part of the transition from temperature sensor assembly to lead wire.

As a full-line manufacturer, Pyromation produces its own design-patented connection heads for its temperature sensor assemblies and other applications. The product line includes General-Purpose (GP) aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and cast iron connection heads, with NEMA 4X ratings for indoor or outdoor use. Pyromation's re-designed explosion-proof (XP), aluminum and stainless steel thermocouple and RTD connection heads are approved as individual components or as part of temperature sensing assemblies used in hazardous locations. Most of the line consists of screw-cover connection heads; however, the company also carries a flip-top aluminum head for easy-access, and a miniature-style connection head. Our thermocouple and RTD connection heads are designed to accommodate most terminal blocks and transmitters, including DIN Form B types. Specifications, ratings and drawings for each connection head are located in the designated catalog pages (see links to pages below).

As an added benefit, Pyromation provides private brand labeling of its thermocouple and RTD heads upon request. Connection heads are available as separate components or as a part of complete temperature sensor assemblies.

General-Purpose RTD & Thermocouple Connection Heads & Options

Pyromation's general-purpose, screw-cover connection heads are NEMA/IP66 rated for indoor or outdoor use providing protection against dust, rain, splashing and hose-directed water. These company design-patented thermocouple and RTD connection heads have easy access, one-turn caps, accept Pyromation 300 series and DIN terminal blocks and transmitters, and provide greater volume for ease of field wiring. When specified, the Series 31, 34 and 91 are rated for NEC Class I Division II locations. See the catalog for additional head descriptions and complete specifications.

Hazardous Location-Rated & DIN Style Thermocouple & RTD Connection Heads

The explosion/flame-proof connection heads listed below are designed for use in hazardous locations. These heads meet NEC Class I Division I and specific ATEX and IECeX approvals. Please refer to page AC-7 for descriptions, specifications and ratings for each head. See the &Overview of NEC Hazardous Location Classifications and Methods of Protection& table in the Explosion-Proof (XP) Sensors section of the Pyromation catalog for complete definitions of ratings.

Die-Cast Aluminum Flip-Top Thermocouple & RTD Connection Heads

The 49 series flip-top aluminum connection heads listed below meet NEMA 4 requirements for indoor or outdoor applications. The 49 series flip-top aluminum heads utilize an EPDM O-ring seal with a maximum temperature rating of 400 ºF. The flip cover provides easy access to the terminals for wiring or maintenance. These connection heads accept the Pyromation 340 series terminal blocks, 400 series transmitters, and DIN Form B blocks and transmitters.

Miniature Nickel-Plated Steel Connection Heads

The miniature nickel-plated connection heads listed below are for indoor or outdoor non-hazardous locations. They provide some degree of protection from dust, rain, and splashing water. The heads come standard with an O-ring moisture seal where the cap connects to the body, and a rubber grommet where the wire exits the cap. The nickel plating provides good corrosion protection. The 362 series connection heads are available with 1/8& NPT or 1/4& NPT process connections, along with 2-, 3-, or 4-terminal configurations.