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Pre-Heating Cerite Thermocouples

Initial Use

Raise the temperature from ambient to 1100°F at the linear rate of not more than 200°F per hour. Never apply a direct impinging flame for any extended period of time on any one area of the coating.

Hold at 1100°F for two hours per inch of maximum thickness.

Raise temperature at a rate of not more than 200°F per hour (linear) to operating temperature.

After following the schedule above, the lining is ready to accept molten metal. On the initial use, immerse the probe approximately 1/3 and hold for one minute. Continue immersing the probe until 2/3 covered and hold for one minute. Finally immerse the probe to the desired depth. This practice is only necessary on the initial use for sintering purposes.

Subsequent usage

Subsequent immersions into molten metal should never be made while the probe is cold. Prior to additional pours, the probe may be pre-heated from a cold state with a high flame until the probe reaches the approximate tap temperature of the molten metal.

If you have any questions about your specific application, please contact Pyromation technical support.