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Industrial vs MgO Thermocouples

Basic construction differences:

As a general rule, Industrial thermocouples can be made to withstand higher temperatures and come in a wider variety of thermocouple types. MgO thermocouples are flexible and have wider selection of measurement junction configurations.

A typical industrial thermocouple is constructed using an element inserted into a process/environment specific protection tube. In certain configurations, it may be possible to replace the element without removing the protection tube from the process. There are endless combinations of elements and tubes, and are also available separately as replacement parts.

An MgO thermocouple consists of a thermocouple element encased in a metal sheath and hard-packed with magnesium oxide mineral insulation. Thermocouple sheaths are fully annealed and can be formed into different configurations (minimum bend radius is twice the outer diameter of the sheath). The measuring junction can also be sealed from the environment, reducing the potential for contamination issues.

As a reference, a page from the general section of the catalog is attached to provide an idea of the temperature ranges for industrial and MgO thermocouples.

Please contact Pyromation for assistance with creating a temperature measurement solution for your application.