Pyromation drills and machines a variety of bar stock materials to custom specifications to produce thermowells as part of the company’s sensor assemblies or to provide as stand-alone units. The company also welds flanged and multi-piece thermowells as required for various applications. These pressure vessels protect the sensor from harsh corrosive, high-velocity, abrasive environments.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is conducted in Pyromation’s onsite NVLAP-Accredited Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200502-0) to ensure confidence in thermowell construction. Performing all of these functions on site allows Pyromation to deliver customer orders in as few as four days.
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// Standard-Duty, Threaded Thermowells
// Heavy-Duty, Threaded Thermowells
// Straight-Shank, Threaded Thermowells
// Limited Space Thermowells
// Straight-Shank, Socket-Weld Thermowells
// Heavy-Duty, Socket-Weld Thermowells
// Reduced-Tip, Socket-Weld Thermowells
// Weld-In Thermowells
// Standard Flanged Thermowells
// Heavy-Duty, Flanged Thermowells
// Reduced-Tip, Flanged Thermowells
// Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowells
// Straight Van Stone Thermowells
// Reduced-Tip Van Stone Thermowells
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