RTDs, or PT100s, are 100Ω temperature sensors that use changes in resistance of the material in which it is constructed to measure the temperature of a particular process. RTDs typically provide more rapid and precise temperature measurement when compared to thermocouples.

They are available in low temperature range types (both wire-wound and thin film), or in high temperature range types (wire-wound) as well as single or duplex platinum elements. RTDs are used on compression skids, dehydration units, condensate separators and other applications. They can be formed or bent, depending on size, and fitted with a variety of termination options.
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// RT01 & RT02 RTD Assemblies
// RT03 Water-Tight RTD Assemblies with Optional Series 450 Temperature Transmitter
// RT04 M12 Molded and Field Wireable Cables for Water-Tight RTD Assemblies
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