Multi-Point Sensors

Multi-Point Sensors
The temperature of a material (be it gas, liquid or a solid) is seldom constant throughout the process. A single multi-point temperature sensor provides an economical and efficient way to handle several points of measure in a process.

In its simplest form a multi-point temperature sensor consists of a number of RTDs (Pt100s) or thermocouples encased at various points inside a sleeve, sheath, jacket or tube with a single access point at a junction enclosure. Multi-point sensors can be various lengths, sizes in diameter, made of a variety of materials, and constructed to measure a wide range of temperatures.

These sensors are often used to measure multiple temperature points in storage tanks, piping systems, ovens/kilns/furnaces, air flow ducts, grain bins, heat exchangers, rail car and truck tanks, chemical vessels and others.

Depending on the application, multi-point temperature sensors provide detailed temperature profiles for optimized process control. They are often used to map temperatures over a large area, identify temperature gradients, or to detect hot spots within the process.
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// MP01 MgO Multi-Point Sensors with Termination Enclosures
// MP02 MgO Multi-Point Sensors with Leadwire
// MP03 RTD Multi-Point Sensors with Termination Enclosures
// MP04 RTD Multi-Point Sensors with Leadwire
// MP05 Tube & Wire Multi-Point Sensors with Termination Enclosures
// MP06 Tube & Wire Multi-Point Sensors with Leadwire