Bi-Metal Thermometers

Bi-Metal Thermometers
These thermometers provide temperature readings on site at locations where process control is not required. Bi-metal thermometers are available in CIP sanitary styles or general-purpose styles depending on process requirements. CIP sanitary types are ideal for chemical processes where corrosion and product contamination are critical factors. General-purpose bi-metal thermometers can be used in most other chemical applications. Either can be immersed directly in the chemical process or inserted into a variety of thermowells, depending on requirements.

Various designs include back-connected, side-connected and adjustable-angle constructions. The easy-to-read dials are available with Centigrade, Farenheit, or dual temperature ranges – in many sizes. Choose from various sheath diameters and lengths.
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// BM01 General-Purpose Bi-Metal Thermometers
// BM02 CIP Sanitary Bi-Metal Thermometers
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