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Lean Network Conference Features Tours of Pyromation, Other Local Mfrs.

For Immediate Release:  May 14, 2014
Contact:  Greg Craghead, Pyromation (260) 918-1535

 (Fort Wayne, IN) – Fort Wayne-based Pyromation, Inc. is one of three local manufacturers that will host plant tours for those attending the 12th Annual Lean Network Conference, which is being held at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne, May 20 – 22, 2014.  The conference is sponsored by the Lean Network of Honda Suppliers, an international organization made up of member companies that employ various levels of Lean principles in their operations.  This is the first time the conference has been held in Fort Wayne.

Pyromation was selected as a tour location because of the company’s successful application of Lean principles in its enterprise operations.  Almost 50 of the conference attendees are expected to visit the Pyromation plant on one of two scheduled tour dates; Tuesday, May 20th or Thursday, May 22nd.  Tour participants will be shown how Pyromation reduces waste, smoothes process movement and relieves stress on any one person or point in the operation (Lean’s three staples of muda, mura and muri, respectively).  Attendees will also see how the company encourages team member engagement, fosters continuous improvement, utilizes visual aids and produces 10,000 temperature sensors per week using one-piece work flow cells.

Pyromation began the implementation of Lean principles in April of 2003.  Lean practices were applied not only in manufacturing, but in office processes like order entry, material requisitioning and resupply, training, idea system creation, evaluation and others.  A little over a decade later, the results show a significant reduction in product returns, much faster delivery times and major quality improvements.  Even business decisions, such as Pyromation’s development of internal thermowell manufacturing capabilities and its recent plant expansion, were guided by Lean philosophies.

“We’re flattered that the Lean Network picked Pyromation as an example of the successful application of Lean principles in an operation,” stated company president and owner, Pete Wilson.  “We’re looking forward to sharing our ideas and experiences with the Lean Network members.”

Established in 1962, Pyromation is one of the leading manufacturers of thermocouples, RTDs and thermowells in North America.  An ISO 9001-registered firm and Lean manufacturing enterprise, Pyromation temperature sensors can be found on equipment and in processes in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation, food & beverage, dairy, plastics, heat-treating, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biomass, metal processing, rubber, mining, HVAC, water & wastewater, incineration and many other industries in North America and around the world.  Temperature calibrations are performed in the company’s onsite NVLAP accredited Metrology Laboratory.  The combination of personalized service, quick delivery and a broad line of superior quality sensors, components, complete assemblies and accessories ensure optimal solutions for each customer’s temperature measurement applications.  Speed, service, solutions…beyond measure.  For more information visit Pyromation’s Web site at