Pyromation RTD Sensor, Thermocouple & Thermowell News

New ATEX Certified Bearing Sensor Line Available

For Immediate Release:  December, 2010

(Fort Wayne, IN)  Pyromation, one of the leading temperature sensor manufacturers in North America, has produced a limited variety of miniature temperature sensors for specific industry projects over the past several years.  Recently, however, the company expanded its line of miniature sensors, sometimes referred to as miniature bearing sensors or embedment sensors, to cover a number of additional industry applications.  In addition, Pyromation has received ATEX certification for its Bearing Sensor line.  The ATEX certification means these sensors meet the qualifications/specs required for applications in most European countries.

Miniature bearing sensors are used in rotating equipment such as turbines, gearboxes, generators and other machines where a shaft turns inside a cylindrical housing.  The temperature sensor is placed in a small opening in the housing or bearing shoe where it can detect the heat of the bearing race or babbitt bearing material lining the shaft.  If the temperature from the rotating friction of the shaft in the housing gets too hot, the fluid film lining of the shaft wall could break down causing equipment failure.  Bearing sensors provide the critical temperature readings that allow operators or systems to monitor the equipment and maintain it to avoid expensive shutdowns.

Pyromation’s miniature temperature sensors’ rugged construction insures their durability – meaning fewer changeouts – their reliability and their accuracy.  The product line expansion incorporates multiple case styles and custom designs as required by the customer.   Pyromation produces both thermocouple and RTD type sensors with options for pass-throughs, elastomer fill, and a variety of connections.  Standard designs can be shipped in four days.  The company’s line of sensors is application-proven in such industries as power generation, transportation, aeronautics and many manufacturing processes.  This expansion of the bearing sensor line now allows Pyromation to supply these sensors to many additional industries, as well.