Pyromation RTD Sensor, Thermocouple & Thermowell News

Expanded Thermowell Capabilities

Pyromation’s thermowell production capabilities have expanded to include a variety of materials and multiple constructions. Pyromation has been producing thermowells as part of temperature sensor assemblies and as individual components for several years. Most of the thermowells produced have been from materials such as brass and 304 and 316 stainless steel.
Over the past year the company has increased its capability to manufacture thermowells from NACE-compliant materials including Hastelloy® C276, chrome molybdenum steel, carbon steel, 446 stainless steel and others.  Pyromation regularly ships thermowells made up of these and other alloys found in the industries Pyromation serves.
Both bar stock and flanged thermowells are available in several different physical configurations, a variety of materials, choice of bore sizes and various connection types. Among these the company manufactures threaded, socket-weld, weld-in, flanged and sanitary-connected thermowells. Pyromation is capable of producing one-piece thermowell constructions and multi-piece constructions per customer specifications.  Over 40 percent of Pyromation's thermowell production consists of custom-designed products for specific customer applications.
Pyromation supports its thermowell product line with industry standard testing capabilities, short production lead times and round-the-clock manufacturing.  As a lean enterprise, the company realizes production efficiencies by reducing waste and driving down costs, allowing Pyromation to maintain competitive thermowell pricing.
These expanded capabilities enable Pyromation to provide thermowells for a greater number of applications and processes. The company’s thermowells are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical, dairy, wastewater, power generation, petrochemical and many others.
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